The Wilshire Regent 10501 Wilshire Blvd

The Wilshire Regent 10501 Wilshire Blvd is one of the best values for condominiums on the Wilshire Corridor.  Located on the North side of the Wilshire Corridor, this 23 story building was built in 1964 and has 208 units. It was remodeled and has one of the nicest lobbies for the scale of the building. The Wilshire Regent 10501 Wilshire Blvd has a business conference room, fitness center, pool and spa. It uniquely offers guest suites for residents guests to stay overnight at minimal fees, and offers office space to rent as well. It has one of the lowest HOA fee’s given the services and lower price units. There are studios, 1 bedroom, 2 bedroom and a select number of 2 bedroom and dens. Average HOA is $500-approx $1500.00. Units are 800sq feet+. Northern exposures look out to the magnificent hills of Bel Air and Southern Views look to Century City, Downtown Los Angeles and the Ocean. It is a great value on the Wilshire Corridor. Condominiums and rentals Close to UCLA, it is a great investment property in Los Angeles. Condominiums are for sale and for lease in The Wilshire Regent 10501 Wilshire Blvd. Warner Ave Elementary School is the public school available to residents.

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