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Why use Luxury Interiors Inc.?

Caron has been creating art since she was a young girl. Caron started her design education at the University of Manitoba in Canada and transferred to Los Angeles, Woodbury University. There she began immediately working in the field, shopping at the design centers before graduating and moving on quickly after graduating to work in the field doing interiors. She worked for a period back to back doing visual displays for companies like Pottery Barn and Bullocks , office interiors, and residential remodels. She started a fashion company designing women’s and girl’s apparel all through the 90’s under the label Caron Joy. She continued doing interiors and ultimately with a broker’s license in real estate started purchasing properties and staging them for sale. She went on professionally to stage and help remodel other clients homes. Staging and Interior Design transform a room. It is a fantastic thrill to see a empty room morph with staging and interior design into the most welcoming space. Small changes with staging and interior design can make such a difference . She continues today to naturally love doing interiors and having the professional vision and know how to execute a great transformation. Artistic vision is something you are born with. Caron has used her creative vision to transform and create fashion, accessories, home interiors, painting, etc. “Caron can look at an interior instantly and envision it transformed to look amazing”.