The Diplomat 10350 Wilshire Blvd

The Diplomat 10350 Wilshire Blvd is located on the Southside of the Wilshire Corridor on the Eastern End of the Corridor closest to Beverly Hills. The Diplomat has contemporary condominiums for sale that have modern kitchens with incredible views of Century City from some locations. Many units are being remodeled and have large balconies. The elegant entry sets the tone with a doorman to greet you or your guests. Living in the Diplomat you can choose a condominium that faces the views along the Wilshire Corridor taking in many city lights.
The Diplomat 10350 Wilshire Blvd was built in 1982. It has 64 units and is 18 stories tall. The building has 2 and 3 bedroom units with large windows providing great light. Amenities include sauna, pool, gym, and common room. Units are for sale and for lease. If you are looking for a condominium for sale on the Wilshire Corridor, consult with Our expertise and knowledge of the buildings along the corridor will help you become familiar with what is available for sale and for lease. View our video about The Diplomat 10350 Wilshire Blvd to familiarize yourself with this building and any other along the Wilshire Corridor.

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