Los Angeles Private Schools on the Westside

Schools Near The Wilshire Corridor

  • The Buckley School
  • The Archer School For Girls
  • The Brentwood School
  • The Curtis School
  • Crossroads
  • John Thomas Dye
  • Harvard-Westlake
  • The Mirman School
  • Wildwood
  • New Roads
  • Sinai Akiba Academy
  • Steven S. Wise
  • Milken Academy
The Buckley School
3900 Stansbury Avenue
‪Sherman Oaks, California 91423


The Buckley School was founded in 1933 as an independent co-educational institution by Dr. Isabelle Buckley. Drawing on her experiences abroad where schools emphasized a well-rounded program, Dr. Buckley developed her own 4-Fold Plan of Education. During the early years, campuses were located in L.A., Tarzana, Encino, and on Woodman Avenue and Riverside Avenue in Sherman Oaks. In 1964, Dr. Buckley purchased land that had been owned by the Glenaire Country Club and by 1973 was able to accommodate all divisions of the school on the new Stansbury Avenue campus in Sherman Oaks. Today, The Buckley School is a college preparatory day school, with students in kindergarten through grade twelve.

805 students total 
Lower School: 265 students (kindergarten through grade five)
Middle School: 210 students (grades six through eight)
Upper School: 330 students (grades nine through twelve).

Source: The Buckley School

The Archer School For Girls
‪11725 Sunset Boulevard
‪Los Angeles, CA 90049


Founded in 1995 by three mothers in search of the ideal school for their daughters, Archer’s arrival on the L.A. educational scene provided families an alternative that didn’t previously exist. Combining the latest research on how girls learn best with a 21st-century approach to pedagogy, technology, and social issues, Archer provides more than a traditional, girl-centric learning environment. The school equally prepares young women for leadership in our ever-emerging global world.

Source: The Archer School For Girls

The Brentwood School
‪12001 Sunset Boulevard
‪Los Angeles, CA 90049




Lower School (K-6): 300
Middle School (7-8): 230
Upper School (9-12): 465

Source: The Brentwood School

The Curtis School
‪15871 Mulholland Drive
‪Los Angeles, CA 90049


We are a traditional school. We do not believe in fads–in the latest trends for their own sake. Nor do we abandon the value of teaching the basics: reading, writing, mathematics, and science. And yet, we are an innovative school. We recognize that our mission is “to prepare children for their futures and not for our pasts.” Our teaching methods are founded on current research, and we strive to integrate proven new technologies and strategies in the classroom. We see the process of learning as being inextricably tied to its results and, therefore, believe in children being led to discoveries rather than simply being fed information. We value the process of exploration and inquiry, analysis and creativity, collaboration and communication.

Enrollment – 493

Lower Elementary ­ Grades DK-2
Upper Elementary ­ Grades 3-6

Source: The Curtis School

‪1714 21st Street
‪Santa Monica, CA 90404


It is the goal of Crossroads School to provide a strong college preparatory program from which each student will develop a personal commitment to learning, a respect for independent thinking, and an expanding curiosity about the world and its people. We consider certain skills to be essential for all graduates: to read well, to write clearly and coherently, to study effectively, to reason soundly, and to question thoughtfully.

Through the educational process, we assist students in gaining self-esteem, self-knowledge, and respect for the knowledge and opinions of others. We believe that education must not be a race for the accumulation of facts, but should be an enriching end in itself. We also believe that education is a joint venture among students, parents and teachers. To be effective with young people, teachers and parents must themselves continue to learn, so that they may perceive the young accurately and treat them wisely.

We believe that the arts are an essential part of the curriculum and that it is important for students to express themselves creatively and to use their imaginations freely. Therefore, music, drama, visual arts, film, writing and dance are significant parts of student life at Crossroads.

  • K–12 enrollment – 1159 students
  • K-5 enrollment – 313 students
  • 6-8 enrollment – 336 students
  • 9-12 enrollment – 510 students

Source: Crossroads

John Thomas Dye
‪11414 Chalon Road
‪Los Angeles, CA 90049


We, of the John Thomas Dye School, believe the education of a child is the responsibility of the parents, the child, and the faculty of the School. Each of these three influences is an integral part of a successful educational experience for the child.

This basic philosophy has enabled the school to develop an atmosphere that stresses the right of each individual to be different and unique while developing confidence, mutual respect, and a degree of cooperation, allowing the student to strive for higher academic achievement, to develop an understanding of the right of others, and to grow in self-esteem.

Our goal is to have each student grow socially, emotionally, intellectually, and physically, thus enabling each to be a creative, productive, and responsible contributor to society, more specifically, to foster in each child a genuine self-esteem built upon the acquisition of the ability to use appropriate cognitive and social skills commensurate with the child’s maximum potential for achievement.

Source: John Thomas Dye

‪Los Angeles, CA


Harvard-Westlake School is an independent coeducational college preparatory day school, grades 7-12.  It is the result of a merger between Harvard School, founded in 1900, and Westlake School for Girls, established in 1904. Coeducation began in September of 1991.

  • 1596 students enrolled
  • 727 at Middle School (Grades 7-9)
  • 869 at Upper School (Grade 10-12)
  • Student to Faculty Ratio: 8:1

Average Class Size: 16

Source: Harvard-Westlake

The Mirman School
‪16180 Mulholland Drive
‪Los Angeles, CA 90049


The Mirman School was founded in 1962. The current location was opened in 1971. Mirman School is passionately committed to the education of highly gifted children.

We are dedicated to:

  • academic excellence
  • the social, emotional, and physical development of the student
  • depth, complexity, and differentiation tailored to each student’s needs and abilities and developing creatively productive and ethical world citizens

Source: The Mirman School

Wildwood- 2 locations
Elementary  11811 Olympic Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90064 310.478.7189
Upper and Middle School- 12201 Washington Place  Los Angeles, CA 90066 310.397.3134

Wildwood was founded as an elementary school in 1971. The Middle and High School were opened in 2000.Wildwood emphasizes academic excellence and instills a genuine passion for learning. Armed with knowledge, creativity, curiosity, and passion, Wildwood students graduate with the power to make a difference in the world.

At the elementary school, kindergarten and 1st grade are combined in multi-age classes called Pods that provide children with a supportive learning environment that nurtures their intellectual, social, and emotional abilities. Second through 5th grades build on this foundation through small classes that give attention to students’ progress in every area of development. Our middle and upper school programs further develop thoughtful learners and engaged citizens through a program of academic mastery, the arts, athletics, and community involvement.

The school’s multidisciplinary curriculum is designed to prepare students to excel in college and in life. Students are taught to evaluate evidence, consider diverging perspectives, and seek connections before they formulate conclusions

Source- Wildwood

New Roads 2 schools
Elementary-  2000 Stone Ave Los Angeles, Ca 90025 310.838.5582
Upper/Middle School   3131  Olympic Blvd  Santa Monica, Ca.90404 310.828.5582
New Roads was established in 1995. New Roads School believes all children deserve access to education that places traditional academic pursuits in contemporary context, engaging students’ hearts and minds to explore the opportunities and address the challenges of our ever-evolving world. Weaving together the kaleidoscope of communities that makes up Los Angeles, we inspire our students to become creative thinkers, committed citizens, and compassionate human beings

Born of a felt responsibility to prepare young people for the world that awaits them, New Roads School seeks to spark enduring curiosity, to promote personal, social, political, cultural and moral understanding, to instill respect for the life and ecology of the earth, and to foster the sensitivity to embrace life’s deep joys and mysteries.

Source-New Roads

Sinai Akiba Academy 10400 Wilshire Blvd Los Angeles CA 90024T 310.475.6401 / F 310.234.9184

Mission Statement

Sinai Akiba Academy offers an outstanding general and Judaic-education that develops the mind, heart and soul. We engage students in the joy and discipline of learning, introducing students to a life of personal growth, sensitivity, responsibility and intellectual inquiry, shaped by Jewish practices and informed by a respect for diversity of thought.

Through active involvement in learning, students acquire knowledge and cognitive skills that facilitate understanding. The school promotes students’ social and emotional growth in order to encourage caring for others and participation in spiritual life, which fosters a deeper level of understanding and awareness. By use of differentiated instruction and varied means of academic support within a rigorous academic program, Sinai Akiba enables students with a wide range of abilities and needs to achieve and succeed. school established in 1968,

Source- Sinai Akiba Academy

Steven S Wise 15500 Stephen S Wise School  Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90077 310.476.8561
At Wise School Early Childhood we nurture our students’ social and emotional development, as well as their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Framed within the context of our Jewish tradition, we promote creative exploration in our dynamic learning environment to establish a strong foundation of learning and curiosity for Kindergarten and beyond. The Stephen S. Wise Temple Early Childhood Center believes wholeheartedly in this developmental approach to educating young children.
Milken Academy   15900 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90049  |  Tel 310.903.4800

1981: Middle school was founded. 1990: Based on the success of the middle school, the upper school was founded. As a grade 7 – 12 independent college-preparatory institution, Milken Community Schools is a place of rigorous academic preparation and intellectual inquiry Milken’s core programs drive a demanding and fulfilling academic curriculum. Our specialized institutes and centers, ranging from architecture and design to science and technology and advanced Jewish studies, in concert with advanced placement courses and a full array of performing arts, visual arts, and language electives provide our students with the finest private, independent school experiences infused with the best of Jewish education.


The Center for Early Education.
563 North Alfred Street
West Hollywood, CA 90048
323.651.0707 Main Telephone
The Center for Early Education was founded in 1939 by a group of parents, most of whom were professional psychoanalysts.

These Founders were passionate about respecting the inner world of the child. They sought to develop an early childhood education based each child’s natural developmental pace as well as on the recognized developmental stages through which each individual passes to maturity. At a time when preschool education was in its infancy, CEE’s Founders pioneered a school dedicated to the needs of young children.

During the 1970s, The Center added elementary grades from Kindergarten through Grade Six. Today over 535 students attend CEE. One hundred faculty and staff members comprise a highly qualified professional team committed to serving the entire community of the school: students, parents, grandparents and alumni.

Source- Center for Early Education