Wilshire Thayer 10550 Wilshire Blvd


The Wilshire Thayer 10550 Wilshire Blvd is located on the South side of The Wilshire Corridor and has units for sale and lease. The building does not have a pool. It is close to Westwood Recreation Center, UCLA Hospital, Westwood Village, Century City, Beverly Hills, etc. Fairburn Elementary school is a public school for residents. Condominiums are for sale and for lease. Living on the Wilshire Corridor allows you to live maintenance-free. Being so close to stores like Trader Joes, Whole Foods, City Target, places of worship, movie theaters, and restaurants makes this an ideal location.  No more yard work, or items that need repair around the home.


Built-in 1981, The Wilshire Thayer 10550 Wilshire Blvd condominiums are distinctly recognized by the buildings red brick exterior. The building looks like something you would see in New York.


Many units have 2 story condominiums with balconies. The Wilshire Thayer 10550 Wilshire Blvd is 15 stories and contains 50 units running in price from approx $650,000.00-$4,000,000.00.The Wilshire Thayer  10550 Wilshire Blvd has a doorman, valet, and full security. The spacious feeling that comes with having a 2 story unit can feel very home-like.

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