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Caron Schwartz
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 by saied nakhai

Caron was 15 out of 10! My family and I loved working with her. We live in San Diego and we were looking for a condo for our daughter, who had recently been accepted to UCLA, in Los Angeles and we wanted to buy something very close to the campus. Caron was extremely knowledgeable about the area and she bent over backward for us. Since we live in San Diego, Caron would preview the homes and would facetime us to show us the homes. We looked at many condos for several weeks before we found the place we all fell in love with. But, there was already six offers on it. We spent many hours with Caron to strategize our position and our offer to give us the absolute best chance that the seller would accept our offer over the other ones.

We felt like we were working with our best friend rather than a real estate agent. If we texted her a question or asked for an update she would often respond within minutes.

Caron was always so candid and provided her own perspective of different aspects of each home that she thought would be relevant to our decision making based on what she had learned about us. We truly appreciated her input and relied on it heavily. This is an invaluable quality to have as a service provider and not everyone has it, but, it is crucial to keep those around that do. It’s easy to push paper and get the signatures, but she was really focused on making sure we would be satisfied through the process and with the outcome. Buying a home is a very stressful process. Yes, there are a number of things that people can do to make it easier. But Caron went above and beyond and truly made us feel like we had a confidant/partner throughout the whole process.

Our offer was accepted and within 6 weeks, our daughter moved in. When we had first toured the condo, we all fell in love with couple of oversized paintings in the dining area – we offered to purchase them from the seller, but she said they had sentimental values to her and could not sell them. Caron told us “not to worry – I will draw them for you” – we thought she was just joking until one day she called and said she had the paintings ready. We were utterly shocked when we saw them – they looked even better than the originals.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky and blessed to have had Caron as our Realtor! I would rate Caron higher than 10 if I could! We will eternally be grateful that she helped us find the beautiful condo for our daughter.

 by nitzabeny

Caron has been our family broker for several years. She is honest and helpful giving excellent tips on how to enhance the attractiveness of the property to potential renters or buyers. She is up to date with real estate market condition in West Los Angeles. I highly recommend her . NBY

 by Kevin Gaut

Caron was knowledgeable, thorough, and responsive. She also had great and creative ideas to promote the transaction for which hired her, which she accomplished in record time. We could not have asked for a more helpful or capable realtor. We highly recommend her.

 by Viki T

When we decided to sell our home of 16 years in BHPO, Caron was our agent. One of the great benefits of working with Caron is that she is also an interior designer so she gave us a lot of great input on prepping the house for sale as well as staging and the small details and accents to really make the house shine. We had an original 1930's Spanish Colonial Revival that we were not sure how it would compete in today's market with more modern designs and younger buyers. Caron was very diligent in picking very specific upgrades or accessories that would greatly accentuate the special details of our home while always keeping in mind a tight budget - so we weren't spending a lot of money on upgrades that had no added value. We were very pleased with this process and absolutely believe that her efforts made the difference in the quality of offers we received and ultimately the speed in which we were able to sell the home. While going through the multiple offers we received, Caron's perceptions and overall assessment of the buyers, their motives and the quality of their offers was invaluable. We are wholly convinced that this made, what is normally an exasperating and stressful process, relatively smooth and predictable. Caron has a gentle approach & demeanor and always maintains a positive frame of mind which is invaluable in keeping everyone on track and ultimately getting the deal to close!

 by S Seth (November 2018)

Caron did a terrific job helping me locate and purchase a home Her design skills were very helpful and I am excited to work with her again. I highly recommend her."

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