Holmby Hills HPOZ and mansionization 2016

ifferent neighborhoods in Los Angeles that have restrictions that aim to help maintain quality and character of neighborhoods. Thus, some have more restrictions than other neighborhoods. What is best for your neighborhood?

Holmby Hills is working on the draft of the proposed HPOZ. On May 10, 2016 , a presentation was made to the Holmby Hills Association by Mary Pickhardt, Architect and HPOZ expert for Windsor Park area. She demonstrated with slides how the regulations within their board have maintained the architectural style of the previous and historic homes in the neighborhood. Windsor is a neighborhood with very historic homes. Holmby Westwood has a mixture of many styles of homes. What works for one neighborhood may not always work best for another.

Currently, the local Association in Holmby Hills works to suggest changes within the context of the neighborhood. Wherever possible through(CCR’s).  Therefore, through use of features like wonderful landscaping , and sensitivity to design, enhanced new homes and revised footprints tend to mix well within the neighborhood. Thereby, helping to maintain value.

The Holmby Westwood neighborhood currently has CCR’s that a architectural committee supervises . What is the difference between a HPOZ and baseline mans ionization ordinance?(see below)

Noteworthy, Little Holmby is seeing some home values increase to the 4 to 6 million range . First, this is due to superb interiors and exteriors. Secondly, maintaining wonderful landscaping adds additional value.Thirdly, continuity of exterior materials.  Furthermore, the introduction of indoor and outdoor flowing spaces to entertain are just a few enhancements. Maintaining setbacks in consideration of neighbors is important to maintain home values.

Furthermore, some developers add underground theaters or parking to add square footage. This is not possible in some historic HPOZ restricted neighborhoods. The neighborhoods decide what restrictive rules they incorporate into their HPOZ. Therefore, it is important to determine what works best for your neighborhood.

Having a HPOZ can preserve the character of a neighborhood and regulate builders and residents from creating eye sore homes. Thus ,minimizing homes that are out of context in style and scale has been an important consideration . Noteworthy, there are so many beautiful neighborhoods thus it is important to  maintain standards and guidelines. Unfortunately, the danger is that the regulation goes too far and is hard to undo.

Little Holmby has been successful without a HPOZ. They have alternatively been supporting the neighborhood through following the CCR’s to maintain character of the neighborhood. Holmby Hills HPOZ and mansionization 2016 article is a summary of the consideration of a HPOZ as an alternative.

Lastly, What do you think? Your voice and opinion are important  Some residents in the audience stressed the importance about their right to choose what they want their garden to look like or the color of their homes. HPOZ may regulate too much.

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