Wilshire Corridor Sales October 2015

Wilshire Corridor sales October 2015 consist of over 18 Condominiums sold. There were several 1 bedroom condominiums that sold in the range of  $465,000.00 to as low as $625,000.00,$635,000,$650,000. Two of these were penthouse units with lesser amenities security building but great values to be able to have condominiums on the Wilshire Corridor with those views! If you were looking for a value, these two penthouses were a find. That’s why it is good to have a realtor like myself who knows the Wilshire Corridor. When a value comes, you have to be able to act These two units sold quickly. There were several 2 bedroom condominiums sold in the 1-2 million dollar range that had been redone and had excellent amenities.(see photos) Wilshire Corridor sales October 2015 include several 2 bedroom condominiums sold in the range of 1-2 million dollars depending on the buildings and the extent of upgrades, views, floors, etc. There is always something available on the Wilshire Corridor for those wanting to live close to the center of everything Los Angeles has to offer. The security and amenities most buildings offer are fantastic and a lifestyle of no maintenance for a home is easy to get used to.

Wilshire Corridor October 2015 Sales 2nd penthouse 1 bedroom

Wilshire Corridor 1 bedroom penthouse

There are so many buildings to choose from along the Wilshire Corridor. It’s important to know how to compare the square footage, locations, floor plans, age of the building, amenities the buildings offer, homeowners dues etc. When buying or selling or leasing on the Wilshire Corridor contact https://caronschwartz.com/ so you know you are getting the expertise you need.

$1,650,000.00 Wilshire Corridor Sold 2 bedroom