Wilshire Corridor condominiums sold October 2020

Wilshire Corridor condominiums sold October 2020 include 7 . Of the condos sold, two are 1 bedroom, three are 2 bedroom, and two are three bedroom. Understanding value on the corridor is a personal preference , but it also has to do with your budget, the building amenities, the age of the building, the floor and view, the upgrades, etc.

Wilshire Corridor condominiums sold October 2020 10660 Wilshire

The 1 bedroom condos that sold varied a bit in price from $665,000.00 to $692,000.00.In fact, they are in the same building (10501 Wilshire). Incidentally, one was on a much higher floor and slightly bigger but depending on view and upgrades within the unit price will vary. The 2 bedroom condos that sold are in different buildings including 10501 Wilshire, 875 Comstock, and 10660 Wilshire. Additionally ,they vary in price $705,000.00 ,$875,000.00, $1,319,000.00 .

10450 Wilshire condo 3 bedroom sold

Lastly, of the 3 bedroom condos that sold. one was in 10450 Wilshire. The Churchill, is a building from the 1960’s.Uniquely, it is one of the penthouses in the building which had been redone and looks terrific. At $1,500,000.00 I think its a good buy. 2040 square feet on a high floor. (check out the photos). Comparatively, the other 3 bedroom that sold is in one of the finest luxury condominiums, Beverly West Residences.One of the newest buildings, the condo is 3813 square feet with amazing views of the Country Club. The building has outstanding amenities and the latest design features. Furthermore, it sold for $6,300,000.00.

WIlshire Corridor condominium sales October 2020

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