Wilshire Corridor Condominium Sales December 2016

The Wilshire Corridor Condominium Sales December 2016 include 11 sales. This includes three one bedroom, five two bedroom, and three three bedroom condominiums sold . Approximately 157 Condominiums on the Wilshire Corridor were sold in 2016.

I provide information about the buildings and sales to help you understand value. The Wilshire Corridor continues to be a favored destination for luxury condominiums that are close to Beverly Hills, Century City, Westwood Village, and UCLA

There were 3 one bedroom Wilshire Corridor condominium sales December 2016. They include the Wilshire Regent, The Wilshire Holmby, and the Churchill condominium. The Wilshire Regent one bedroom, one bath condo at 10501 Wilshire was on a mid floor with 784 sq feet ,wood floors, views and sold for $450,000.00 . The Churchill one bedroom ,one bath condo sold for $560,000.00 with beautiful wood floors, updated kitchen, mid floor views and 1080 sq feet. A one bedroom with two bathrooms located in The Wilshire Holmby has 1036 sq ft and sold for $535,000.00 .It needed some updating.

Five 2 bedroom condominiums sold on the Wilshire Corridor in December 2016. They included two in the Wilshire Regent, the Wilshire Regency, the Wilshire House, and The Carlyle.

Two different two bedroom condos sold in the Wilshire Regent . Both were on high floors with equal square footage of 1387 sq feet. The condo on the 23 floor sold for $860,000 . It wasn’t remodeled . The other unit which was several floors lower sold for $1,010.000 . It had excellent upgrades. The sales price reflected it.

In the Wilshire House a 2036 sq foot two bedroom with two and half bath condo sold on a low floor for $1,425,000.00 . It needed some remodeling work. A beautiful two bedroom with three bathrooms and den, 2735 square feet condo in The Carlyle sold for $3,200,000.00. Located on a high floor with views creates more value. There is a beautiful 2 bedroom condo in 10551 Wilshire, The Wilshire Regency. It is a 2 bedroom with den that has wood floors, and nicely remodeled kitchen and baths.Located on a mid floor it has amazing views.(see below)

There were several 3 bedroom condominiums that sold and they were all in the Westholme building. An interesting comparison. A two story 3 bedroom condo sold on the 3rd floor that had treetop views and designer interiors. It sold for $880,000.00 and is 2355 sq feet.  A two story condo sold in the building with 2038 sq feet, on a the eighth, for $985,000.00. This unit needed some work. 10590 Wilshire Blvd, The Westholme, has a third three bedroom unit with 2355 sq feet that sold for $1,290,000.00 on a high floor and had some updates.

Every month they vary in size, building, remodel,view, floor, amenities, etc. Working with me keeps you abreast of the differences in the buildings and what each unit has to offer. As an interior designer I see value easily with each condominium. The Westwood’s “Golden Mile” has many types of condominiums to choose. My website contains video’s about all the buildings on the Wilshire Corridor and in Century City. 90024 condominiums. Contact Caron Schwartz at 310.383.0831 https://caronschwartz.com

Wilshire Corridor Condominium Sales December 2016; The Churchill 1 bedroom sold $560,000.00

10776 Wilshire Blvd ,The Carlyle,3 bedroom sold $3,200,000.00at

Wilshire Regent 2 bedroom condominium sold

Westholme Condominium 3 bedroom and den sold

The Westholme 3 bedroom condominium sold

10551 Wilshire Blvd Condominium sold with 2500 sq. ft

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