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Moving involves many considerations. I try to make the process of change easier. As a separate service that I provide, I create floor plans to move your furnishings to your new residence, help with downsizing. I assist in removing years of clutter.Additionally, I can help purchase new items you may need for your move and help to coordinate the move. Also,I organize packing and where all your items will be placed with the movers. If the home you want to sell needs staging, I provide or refer to staging services in Los Angeles. Voila, you walk into your new home.

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Client Story

As a Los Angeles relocation specialist with a strong focus on the real estate market in Westwood LA, I recently had a client who needed to move from their 5800 sq ft home into a 2800 sq ft condo on the Wilshire Corridor. Being an interior designer and a senior specialist (SRES Senior Real Estate Specialist). As a Senior real estate specialist, I am able to handle the sensitivities of moving from a home that a couple has lived in a long time. Sometimes clients feel a sense of loss leaving behind their large home and the overwhelming task of getting their belongings moved, sorting through, and letting go of many belongings. I work to create uplifting options with change. These are some of the many services I bring to my clients.

10660 Wilshire Blvd view of Los Angeles

We work together to find a location and choice of a new home in Los Angeles. I have a reference sheet to let clients know about restaurants, doctors, service providers, parks, libraries, theaters, schools and museums in the area.

Los Angeles Condominiums Expert

Los Angeles relocation home floor plan

Los Angeles relocation home floor plan

My knowledge of floor plans as an interior designer is utilized to coordinate where all your belongings will go. I recommend a moving company and coordinate where everything is going to be placed. Knowing the wonderful condominium rental options that are available for clients assures them they have a new home to go to.

I have helped my clients find a large 3 bedroom condominium to move into and downsize. As with many senior clients, they didn’t want a home with stairs and they wanted to keep as much of their belongings and lifestyle as possible. As the result, the clients chose a property for lease at 10660 Wilshire Blvd — The Wilshire Manning Condominiums.

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