Holmby Hills Interim Control Ordinance

Holmby Hills Interim Control Ordinance (ICO) refers to the ordinance  put in effect in March of 2015. It was adapted as a urgency measure to limit and stop issuance of building permits for the construction of single family homes on RA,RE,RS and R1 lots in 15 designated areas, Holmby Hills being one of them. Proposed construction has to meet certain specific criteria. Ordinance 183497 has very specific guidelines residents and buyers looking to purchase homes in Holmby Hills must be aware of.In addition if you are considering selling your home you need to have awareness of the new restrictions. As a realtor and resident of Little Holmby, I get many inquiries from clients looking to buy or sell a home in the neighborhood. The prohibitions of the specific ordinance need to be read by potential sellers or buyers in the neighborhood. For approximately the next two years, the City will be working on a proposed HPOZ for the neighborhood and during that time, restrictions on what you can do are in place.

Given those guidelines, there is remodeling going on. The ordinance states:” The department of building and safety may review and approve the following types of exempt projects which do not require referral to the Planning Department:

  1. Interior Remodeling of a legally constructed building or structure that does not change any exterior features(such as windows);
  2. Additions of less than 250 sq ft that do not increase the height the structure and are located in the rear yard area:
  3. Construction of gazebos,balconies,trellises,decks,or garden sheds in the rear yard area that are not visible from the street:
  4. Seismic retrofitting,maintenance or repair of existing foundations with no physical change to the exterior;
  5. Installation of rear yard swimming pools or spas;
  6. Installation of rear or side yard fencing;
  7. Re: roofing with no change in building materials;
  8. Installation of solar energy systems, as defined by California Government Code Section 801.5;
  9. Any construction for which a building permit or demolition permit is required to comply with an order issued by the Department of Building and Safety to repair, remove or demolish an unsafe building or substandard condition, or to rebuild a structure destroyed by fire, earthquake or other natural disaster , provided that the development is not prohibited by any other provision of the LAMC;
  10. Issuance of a building permit for a project that satisfies all of the following conditions: 1)Architectural and structural plans sufficient for a complete plan check were accepted by the Department of Building and Safety before the effective date of this ordinance, subject to the time limits set forth in Section 12.26.A.3 of the LAMC; 2) A project that had a plan check fee was collected before the effective date of this ordinance; and 3) No subsequent changes have been made to those plans that increase or decrease the height, floor area or occupant load by more than five percent, that change the use, or that violate the Zoning Code regulations in effect on the date that the plan check fee was paid;
  11. Construction, redevelopment, rehabilitation or renovation of multifamily housing. Multifamily housing includes two-family dwellings , multiple dwellings, group dwellings and apartment houses. Projects that involve the demolition of existing multifamily housing and its replacement with single-family housing shall be prohibited.

I hope some of these major points in the ordinance assist you as you consider selling or buying a home in Holmby Hills. There are exceptions and hearing boards to discuss changes you want to make and if you require consideration for exceptions. As a real estate agent living and working in the area I am informed about the kind of questions that are often asked.If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Holmby Hills, contact me for further information. Let’s work together sell your home or purchase a home in Holmby Hills. Westwood and Holmby Hills are  wonderful neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Holmby Hills is one of the nicest residential neighborhoods to live in . Holmby Hills is close to everything, has fantastic public schools, shopping, parks, places of worship and is surrounded by many neighborhoods and freeway access. I hope this gives you a bit of information about the Holmby Hills Interim Control Ordinance.http://zimas.lacity.org/documents/zoneinfo/ZI2443.pdf


You can read more about HPOZ at http://preservation.lacity.org/hpoz/homepage/about-hpoz-program

quotes taken from L.A City ordinance number 183497

Holmby Hills ICO

Holmby Hills Interim Control Ordinance

Holmby Hills Interim Control Ordinance