Wilshire Corridor Sales July 2016

Wilshire Corridor kitchen in The Mirabella

Wilshire Corridor Sales July 2016

Wilshire Corridor Sales July 2016

Wilshire Corridor Living Room

Wilshire Corridor Sales July 2016 includes 14 sales. Condominiums for sale vary in price depending on building they are located in, the year built, the floor, the view, the size, the amenities of the building, the decoration and remodeling, the floor plans etc. Today I am featuring two 2 bedroom condominiums that have great interiors. As a result of showing you these interiors, you can see why they have superior value. You will get more familiar with prices on the Wilshire Corridor by following my posts and seeing how values are determined.

The second home I feature is located in the Mirabella. This particular condominium has large square footage. The kitchen was redone beautifully. The living room has a central fire place which helps create an open floor plan.This condominium is on the ninth floor so it has views .It is remodeled with beautiful finishes and it is 2200 sq feet with 3 bathrooms. The selling price was $1,600,000.00 . The Mirabella is a full service building with a beautiful, pool, gym, security, valet parking etc. These amenities also contribute to value.

Wilshire Corridor bathroom Regency Wilshire

Wilshire Corridor kitchen with island

Wilshire Corridor Sales July 2016 also include a 2 bedroom condo that sold for $1,700,000.00 with over 2500 square feet, and 3 bathrooms. As an interior designer and realtor I can assure you that the prices condominiums command has to do with having excellent interior finishes and these are in buildings that were built after 1980 . There is a range of condominium prices for 2 bedroom condos this month that sold for $524,000 to over $2,000,000.00.

Wilshire Corridor Interior Design

Wilshire Corridor Sales July 2016 include a three bedroom condominium sold in The Wilshire condominiums which is facing South. It has 180 degree views of Century City and the ocean .The purchase price of this condominium is $2,600,000.00. Although it needed some upgrades they were primarily cosmetic. Therefore the buyer still got a good value because the decorating upgrades were optional and could be limited.

There are so many wonderful condominiums to buy on the Wilshire Corridor. Whether you are moving here from another City and relocating to Los Angeles, or downsizing from a home, I can help you find the home of your dreams. If you are selling your condominium on the Wilshire Corridor I will bring you a buyer. Whether you are selling or buying, I can assist you identify what you can do with your condominium to enhance it and assess value. I have the expertise to assist you with real estate in Los Angeles.

3 bedroom Wilshire Corridor Condo Sold

(view videos on http://www.youtube.com for all the Wilshire corridor buildings)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54iZ8PQP_wY

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