Wilshire Corridor November Sales 2015

3 bedroom Wilshire Corridor November sales 2015

Wilshire Corridor November Sales 2015 include 9 sales of condominiums. Wilshire Corridor November sales 2015 reflect a few one bedrooms sold that were under 1000 square feet with prices $515,000.00 and $579,000.00 in minimal amenity security buildings. There are several 2 bedroom condominiums that sold with high 2700+ sq footage for $2,375,000,$2,750,000.00,$2,850,000. These would be in buildings like the Carlyle and The Blair house on upper floors. Dropping to a lower floor and smaller square footage, another 2 bedroom sold in the Blair house for $795,000.00. These differences in price have to do with upgrades, floor height , views and square footage. A wonderful 3 bedroom sold in Le Tour for $3,250,000.00 with 3143 sq. feet that has beautiful upgrades..

Living on the Wilshire corridor you can find a condominium in Los Angeles to suit most budgets. Choosing the Wilshire Corridor insures a lifestyle that is carefree of property management with security , building amenities, and in a central location. You can choose from over 40 buildings on the Wilshire Corridor to live in. I provide detailed information about each building on the Wilshire Corridor through my website and I’d love to speak with you more about the buildings .I’d love to help you find the home of your dreams, transition to a new lifestyle, or sell your current home. Contact 310.383.0831 https://caronschwartz.com/

Wilshire Corridor 1 bedroom 929 sq Sold

Wilshire Corridor North view at night

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