Wilshire Corridor condos for sale April 2017

Wilshire Corridor Condos for sale April 2017

Wilshire Corridor condos for sale April 2017 include more than 60 condominiums. Name your price and I will find you the best condominium on the Wilshire Corridor for sale. This month I am featuring a condominium in Beverly West, one of Los Angeles luxury condominium complexes.

Firstly, Beverly West has some of the top amenities a buyer looks for in a luxury condominium. These include excellent concierge and valet service. The building boasts a saltwater pool, heliport landing, outstanding views of Los Angeles Country Club and Century City. Amenities also include gym and conference room. This boutique high rise luxury condominium on the Wilshire Corridor has been releasing finished units. Last year buyers would purchase condos in the building and have to finish them out. Top of the line finishes are now available in the condos already available. So find the one you love, and move right in. The views are absolutely breathtaking! If you love style and the finer things in life, this building is for you!

Beverly West condominiums for sale

Wilshire Corridor Penthouse

Additionally,there are many different buildings along the Wilshire Corridor to choose from starting from $525,000 .00 and extending currently to a $20,000,000.00 for a penthouse. I think the unique feature of this penthouse for sale is the huge 3000 square foot expansive outdoor balconies for entertaining. The Penthouse has 6000 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms. This 2 Story condominium has  breathtaking views of Bel Air and Westwood . The amenities include pool, gym, library, community room, concierge, valet etc.

In summary, Wilshire Corridor condominiums for sale April 2017 include many 1,2,3, and 4 million dollar condominiums. My photographs  feature several condos for sale. There are so many more to choose from.Contact me for all  your real estate needs. I have been helping clients buy ,sell ,and lease on the Wilshire Corridor for many years. https://caronschwartz.com . Call 310.383.0831
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Wilshire Corridor 3 bedroom

Wiltshire Corridor Condos for sale April 2017