Wilshire Corridor condominiums sold November 2020

Wilshire corridor condominiums sold November 2020 include 5 properties. Those sold are, one studio, one 1 bedroom, 1 two bedroom and two three bedrooms. Furthermore , you will see there is a wide range of price for the two 3 bedroom condos sold.

First, the three bedroom condos sold for $1,020,000.00 and $4,400,000.00 . Noteworthy, are the following details. The differences in price between the two 3 bedroom condoshave to do with several factors. 3 Bedroom and  larger units are always in high demand. Furthermore,one condo sold for $1,020,000.00. It is a fabulous unit that went over asking. The reason is large square footage(1824), 3 bathrooms, floor location with views, amenities in building, upgrades. Interestingly, this is considered a older building from the 1960’s(10433 Wilshire) but the architecture is spectacular with large floor to ceiling windows that present well .(see photo 1)

Wilshire Corridor condominiums sold November 2020 (photo1)

The Wilshire

Sold Wilshire Corridor -The Wilshire  (photo 2)

Wilshire Corridor condominiums sold November 2020. include beautiful studio (photo 3)

Secondly, the other 3 bedroom condo that sold for $4,400,000.00 is located in a newer building, 10580 Wilshire (built 1990). Uniquely, it is a ground floor unit which has as much appeal for some rather than a higher floor unit with a view. Furthermore, large square footage of 4021 square feet, top rated amenities, high ceilings, luxury interiors all contribute to the higher price. The Wilshire has higher homeowner dues which come with top luxury buildings . Additionally, the advantage of a ground floor condominium is also a large outdoor terrace. (photo 2)

Thirdly, I’d like to share this beautiful studio sold in the Wilshire Regent. It has 600 square feet but interior is so well done. The space looks much larger because of the light colors used . Furthermore sold for $515,000 it is a great purchase in a building that has many amenities to offer.This too is a building built in the 1960’s. A great remodel stands out.(photo 3)

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