Wilshire Corridor condominiums sold February 2021

Wilshire Corridor condominiums sold February 2021 include 7 condominiums sold. Three 1 bedroom,three 2 bedrooms and one three bedroom sold. They vary in price . Let’s review some of the sales.

First, the three 1 bedrooms that sold varied in price from $565,000.00 to $643,000.00. Let’s compare some of the differences. The lower priced unit had one bathroom and less square footage. All had nice interiors. Additionally, all buildings had amenities like pool, valet parking, concierge,etc.  All were in buildings built in the 1960’s but all units had some remodeling. Furthermore, the 1 bedroom condo that sold for the most had a bit less square footage than the medium price sale. Comparatively, the interior had more enhancements that increased price. Lastly, all three had different views, thus an inferior view will affect value .

Wilshire Corridor condominiums sold February 2021

10701 Wilshire -1 bedroom condo

Wilshire Corridor condominiums sold February 2020 -10433 Wilshire

Secondly, the two bedroom condos that sold ranged in price from $747,050.00 to $2,723,000.00. They too varied in square footage, building, location, amenities, improvements etc. Noteworthy, the photo below demonstrates why the highest price unit commands more due to views, size, the building building, etc.

Wilshire Corridor condo sold in 10580 Wilshire

Lastly, when buying or selling a condo on the Wilshire Corridor many factors will be considered. Contact me for the expertise you need. http://www.caronschwartz.com 310-383-0831

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