Wilshire Corridor Condominiums sold December 2020

Wilshire Corridor Condominiums sold December 2020 include 14 sales. Of those sold one is a studio,three are one bedroom, and eight are 2 bedroom condos. The one bedrooms range in price from $589,000 to $1,528,000.00. The two bedrooms range in price from $690,000 to $2,362,500.00.

Furthermore,these differences have to do with age of the building, location of the building, location within the building(views, floor, etc). Also, amenities in the building , improvements to interiors  are a few reasons for the variation in prices.

For example, noted in the photos below are  three different 2 bedroom units. Thus, the first photo shown is of the $690,000,00 condo sold . It has 1088 square feet, is on a mid floor within the building. It is a 1960’s building, different amenities,less interior enhancements . Additionally, the 2nd photo is a mid range price of $1,095,000.00 2 bedroom . It is in a building with more amenities,higher floor,larger square footage (1773),better interiors, better views and location within a building etc.

WIlshire Corridor condominiums sold December 2020 2 bedroom for $693,000.00 (photo 1)

10750 Wilshire 2 bedroom for $1,095,000.00 (photo 2)

Wilshire Corridor condominium sales December 2020 The Mirbella

Wilshire Corridor condominiums. December 2020, 2 bedroom in The Mirbella sold for $2,362,500.00 (Photo 3)

Furthermore, the third photo showing a 2 bedroom condo that sold in the Mirabella commands a higher price of $2,362,500.00  because it is in a building that offers many amenities, has been maintained well over the years. Also, it has large square footage(2803), outstanding views, Southern exposure, high floor(19) etc. Having an agent like myself who is very knowledgeable about the buildings and interior design is very beneficial in assisting you .

In conclusion, these are just a few examples of how to compare units for sale on the Wilshire Corridor or any luxury condo. I will help you analyze and prepare your condo for sale. I can help a buyer assess value and find the best condominium for sale. Contact http://www.caronschwartz.com for all your real estate needs. 310-383-0831 The Wilshire Corridor