Wilshire Corridor condominiums sold December 2019

Wilshire Corridor condominiums sold December 2019 include over 18 condos sold. Of those sold,4 one bedroom, 9 two bedroom, 4 one bedroom, 4 three bedroom, and 1 four bedroom. They varied in price due to which building they are located in, size, view, improvements, age of building, amenities, etc. Uniquely this month, the four bedroom that sold was over 7950 square feet and sold for 21 million.

Additionally, part of the success of such a high sales price has to do with being in one of the newest buildings and having such large square footage, fabulous amenities, views, and great interior finishes. Buildings like the Liddel, Beverly West, The Californian, The Carlyle and the Remington are some of the newest buildings on the corridor.

Additionally, the prices for the one bedroom units sold varied between $599,000 and 705,000. Also, the range for the two bedrooms condos this month range between $737,000.00 to $1,795,000.00. Furthermore, the three bedroom condos this month range in price between $1,350,000.00 and 9,200,000.00.

Wilshire Corridor condominiums sold December 2019. The Remnington-3 bedroom condo sold for $3,550,000.00

10660 Wilshire condo sold 2 bedroom condominium sold for $1,125,000.00

Second, if you want to buy or sell or lease a condo on the Wilshire Corridor, contact me for my expertise. There are more than 50 luxury condominiums in the area and my knowledge of the buildings will help you enormously. Furthermore, understanding value and knowing the inventory is very important. Also, everyone loves the Wilshire Corridor for its convenience to Westwood, Century City, Beverly Hills, Bel Air, freeways, public transportation and so many things close by in Los Angeles.
Lastly, these sales demonstrate that throughout the year, the condominiums on the Wilshire Corridor continue to be in demand. I look forward to working with you. It is a great time to buy or sell. Interest rates are incredibly low. Contact me 310-383-0831.  http://www.caronschwartz.com  http://www.hammermuseum.com

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