What is ICO and HPOZ ?

What is a ICO and HPOZ ?

Now that ICO is in force in the Holmby Hills neighborhood, homeowners are asking what is ICO and HPOZ ? An ICO is an interim control Ordinance. The ICO ordinance prohibits demolitions and substantial alterations of single family homes as a temporary hold until rules can be established. What is a HPOZ in simple terms. A HPOZ is a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone. A HPOZ is a ordinance limiting the scale of new construction. If a HPOZ is created for real estate in Holmby Hills, residents are asking, how will a HPOZ effect my property values? How will it affect me  if I want to remodel? How will it effect home sales in Holmby Westwood ? How will it affect the value of my home. What does this mean to real estate in Holmby Hills.? These are all really important questions. So much is being decided and homeowners still have the opportunity to have a voice. There is too much information to put in one newsletter. Please refer to my blog to voice your opinions, to share opinions and be heard. I will be posting many articles on the subject. As a homeowner in Little Holmby and realtor, the effects of these decisions will affect the value of your home and how remodels and construction will be handled. I hope some of these comments will help you understand what is ICO and HPOZ ? and what it means to you.

What will I have to do gain approval for a project for HPOZ?
Who will make the rules?
Who who will enforce the rules?
Do I need approval for projects that do not require a building permit?
What if the HPOZ rejects what I want to do?
How much time will it take now that there is a review process?
You can learn more about HPOZ from the following site:
Here is some more about What is ICO and HPOZ

To learn more about HPOZ, Historic Preservation Overlay Zone you can refer to : Refer to http://preservation.lacity.org/hpoz/la for more INFORMATION
This site will help property owners understand the HPOZ Review Process.
The HPOZ Review Process- A general overview of the HPOZ Process

• How to Submit a Project for HPOZ Review – A step by step guide to submitting your project for HPOZ Review
• HPOZ Initial Screening Checklist – Alert your HPOZ’s Planning Staff that you are ready to begin the application process
• Board Information – Information page for each of the HPOZ Boards
• Project Standards – Explains how project type influences which HPOZ process is required
• Successful Projects- View a gallery of successful projects and plans
• Policy Updates and Proposed HPOZs:

I hope this article will help you explore What is ICO and HPOZ ? Please refer to the link above and my article on Mansionization previously written ICO and Mansionization.

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