Westwood Newsletter April 2015


April 2015

Great News for Westwood.  In keeping with my previous newsletters , a great effort is underway to bring Westwood village back to life. This is great news for residents . Anyone looking to buy or lease a home or condo in Westwood, Little Holmby, Holmby Hills, Bel Air, Century City, and along the Wilshire Corridor can look forward to a lot of great additions in the neighborhood. In this issue of Weswood Newsletter April 2015, Westwood’s Ralph’s Market has leased the Best Buy space of 40,000 sq. ft. and has incorporated the 60,000 sq. ft.  Not only will it be the largest market in the country but today, the West­wood Village Ralph’s ranks as the 1st in sales in the state and is in the top 10 grossing Kroger owned markets in the country. The market is preparing shops within the market to house a Murray’s Cheese Shop (in San Francisco), a sushi bar with on the spot chefs, a stone pizza oven cooking prepared orders, wine tasting area, and flat screen plasma TVs popular on game days and nights.  The produce section that we know today has doubled in size with greater organic selections .The food and deli section has been increased, and the pharmacy will be greatly increased. The juice bar has opened. The Wellness center is set to open next week. The new bakery has opened. The sushi bar is set to open around the 22nd of April, 2015. Westwood Newsletter April 2015. The market has been open during construction. The market is a great addition to so many changes happening for Westwood Village. Ralph’s Westwood phone number is 310.824.5994, footer1