Westford Condominiums Los Angeles


The Westford Condominiums 10750 Wilshire Blvd.

The Westford Condominiums
Los Angeles

The Westford Condominiums Los Angeles is located at 10351 Wilshire Blvd. This beautiful high rise along the Wilshire Corridor was built in 1980 and has 18 floors with 1,2,3 bedroom units . Westford Condominiums Los Angeles is on the South side of Wilshire Blvd. It has full service amenities, valet, 24 hour concierge, pool, gym. Westford Condominiums Los Angeles has beautiful views facing Century City or views of city lights along the Wilshire Corridor. Westford Condominiums is a duplicate of Longford Condominiums across the street. These beautiful units have floor to ceiling windows capturing outstanding views . Many units have been redone with hardwood floors, kitchens with state of the art appliances and finishes and bathrooms with stunning finishes. Living on the Wilsire Corridor allows you to easily forgo maintenance of a residential home, and come home to security living with less responsibilities to care for a home. You can walk from the Westford or Longford into Westwood Village, the IPIC theaters, restaurants, movies ,theater, etc. Condominiums are for sale and for lease in The Westford.  Fairburn Ave Elementary school is the public school available to residents. Visit us now at https://caronschwartz.com and call us at 310.383.0831 for more information on the Wilshire Corridor and relocation.

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