Movie Theaters in Westwood

Regency Bruin Theater

There are many movie theaters in Westwood to enjoy: These include the classic “Bruin ” theater now referred to as the Regency Bruin where so many premiers are held.The Bruin Westwood theater has Dolby Atmos sound.  Originally the theater had stenciled walls that were beautifully lit. The structure was built in 1937. The theater still seats over 650 and is a landmark for those wth memories in Westwood Village. Movie Theaters in Westwood includes the new IPIC theaters on Wilshire Blvd . If you are interested in dining while watching a movie in luxurious seats, this is the theater for you. Westwood Village Theater 961 Broxton sits with its tall Spanish Revival Modern Tower with the Fox emblem(altered in the 80’s)(originally owned by Fox)across from the Bruin Theater. The interiors are beautiful and were redone in the 40’s and 50’s . Architect Percy Park Lewis designed and the doors opened in 1931. The theater seats 1341 people!

Movie Theaters in Westwood

 In the late 1970s new 70mm projection equipment was installed. Go next door to Starbucks for a drink prior or after the movie or across the street for famous Stan’s doughnuts!. There were many movie theaters in Westwood  over the years of which many are now closed. Movie theaters in Westwood includes The Landmark Regent Theater Westwood  at 1045 Broxton Ave. Built in 1966, today the Landmark Regent Theater shows independent, specialized, foreign and art films. Parking is conveniently located in one of Westwood’s few parking lots across the street. Westwood is also known for its Crest Theater(formerly Majestic Crest Theater). This is a beautiful 500 seat Art Deco Theater.  Architect Arthur W. Hawes designed the building which is now a historic landmark. The interiors were  renovated in 1987 with its motif changed to a Hollywood fantasy w black lights. The Theater has changed ownership many times and is transitioning with the type of films, and performances it is showing.500 seat Art Deco Theater . The Westside Pavillion Landmark Theaters show many independent, art,specialized and foreign films. Located at 10850 W Pico Blvd. The Theater is two levels, featuring upscale concessions, stadium seating, a wine lounge. Many restaurants are located on Pico close by. It is the largest independent theater in the country.  View the list below for more information on theaters in Westwood. 

Regency Village Theater

Regency Village Theater    

IPic Theaters-Tanzy Restaurant  Dine while watching your movie

10840 Wilshire Blvd

Geffen Playhouse
10866 Le Conte Ave.

Landmark Regent
1045 Broxton Ave.

1262 Westwood Blvd.

Regency Mann Bruin Westwood Village
948 Broxton Ave.

Landmark Theaters Independent
Westside Pavillion Mall , Art, feature, and foreign films
10850 W Pico Blvd
Mann Festival 1 Closed

10887 Lindbrook Ave.
Mann National Closed

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