Movie Theaters near the Wilshire Corridor

Movie Theaters in Westwood

Movie Theaters in Westwood

Movie Theaters near The Wilshire Corridor
There are four movie theaters near The Wilshire Corridor to catch a movie. The Wilshire Corridor is such a great area to live in because you can walk to many places, or you are within minutes by car. There is so much to do in the area. There are many restaurants, theaters, shopping, markets,churches, synagogues, gyms, etc.

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Bruin Theatre
948 Broxton Ave, Westwood, CA ‎
On the corner of Weyburn Ave. & Broxton Ave.

Westwood Village Theatre
961 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles, CA ‎
On the corner of Weyburn Ave. & Broxton Ave.

Regent Theatre
1045 Broxton Ave, Los Angeles, CA ‎
Just south of the corner of Weyburn Ave. and Broxton Ave.

IPIC Theater
10840 Wilshire Blvd.
Corner near Wilshire 2 blocks East of Westwood Blvd.(former Avco)

Will feature leather reclining seats and full service in theater dining. It will also have a 8000 sq ft Italian restaurant Spring 2014. You will be able to have full service dining while watching the movie.

These movie theaters features box office hits with comfortable seats in a historical movie theater setting. You are greeted at the ticket booth by smiling representatives. As you make your way into the theater, you can stop by the counter to purchase popcorn, soda, hot dogs and candy before the movie starts. Some of the biggest stars on show business have graced the red carpet and wave to the crowd during their movie premieres. If you are looking for old school charm and watch an action packed program, drama or love story on the big screen, visit the Bruin, Westwood Village and Regent movie theaters near The Wilshire Corridor is within walking distance of the theaters or 5 minutes by car. The historic Crest theater is a gorgeous theater inside. At this time it is not showing movies on a regular basis. Hopefully it will be revived shortly and put to good use.