Holmby Hills Westwood HPOZ

During last weeks HWPOA annual meeting, representation from the Los Angeles Conservancy came to discuss many questions homeowners had about the potential HPOZ. It was explained that the HPOZ would have a positive impact on the neighborhood, preserving the character of the neighborhood that makes it so special. One of the great points brought up is that the HPOZ is only  interested in the portion of the home that can be seen from the street: not the back yard, not anything in the interior, not anything on the sides that cannot be seen from the street. There were questions as to who will decide what can be done in the neighborhood, and residents were assured there will be community input that the City will be in charge of planning. There will be a Board who will carry out the Holmby Hills Westwood HPOZ plans, those plans having been put together by the neighborhood members who want to get involved. Values remain strong in Holmby Hills and the goal is to maintain the high quality and character of the neighborhood . Holmby Hills , Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Comstock Hills, etc are all seeing many of the older homes remodeled or torn down and the ICO/HPOZ is being worked on in order to prevent mansionization and maintain the beautiful quality homes within the neighborhood. Members from the City office, along with homeowners on a board created for the HPOZ will work with residents to determine what might be included in the future HPOZ. The HPOZ would not affect the homes North of Holmby Park to the East of Beverly Glen in Holmby Hills as most of those homes are behind gates.

Quoted “This is a positive, good thing for Holmby Westwood because it gives the neighborhood control over new and remodeled homes. “”Look what happened in Beverly Hills and Bel Air and Comstock Hills. Holmby Westwood decided that was not a direction they want to remain in. Our community voted for a HPOZ or we would not be where we are today.”

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There will be further discussions about the potential Holmby Hills Westwood HPOZ. Community members were happy to have had a chance to discuss and become more aware of the potential HPOZ and current ICO in the neighborhood. Holmby Hills is situated North of Wilshire Blvd Between Comstock on the East, and Hilgard on the West. It is bordered on the North at Sunset Blvd. Holmby Hills is a beautiful residential neighborhood next to UCLA  with a long history of beautiful homes owned by celebrities, families enjoying the wonderful public school district, UCLA staff and students, and individuals drawn to the beauty and close proximity of all Los Angeles has to offer. Contact me for more information about homes in the area. https://caronschwartz.com