Holmby Hills History with overseeing properties and projects for remodeling and  new construction is currently a topic within Holmby Hills. It has been suggested that Holmby Hills HPOZ be considered to help maintain the character of the neighborhood. What would a Holmby Hills HPOZ mean? Who will decide what is in a Holmby Hills HPOZ?

In the 1960’s Holmby Westwood Property Owners Association (HWPOA) was formed. It was initially formed because the Los Angeles City Planning Department proposed a increase in zoning as part of the Westwood Master Plan. They also proposed a freeway which would have cut through Holmby Hills (Holmby-Westwood) .There was opposition and as a result the property owners organized and formed the HWPOA.

Originally The CC&R’s which were first implemented by Janss Investment company were valid for a 50 year period. When the covenants expired in the 1970’s some homeowners renewed their CC&R’s and some did not. Half the properties in Holmby Hills are currently subject to the CC&R’s for design review. There is a committee from the HWPOA that works with the City officials to try to maintain the architectural integrity of Holmby Hills (Holmby Westwood)for those properties with renewed CC&R’s

Currently many properties do not fall under those restrictions. During the past few years the HWPOA committee has been trying to introduce a HPOZ that would create a Historic Preservation Overlay Zone to try and curb the mansionization and oversee remodeling construction and new construction in the area. The hope would be to maintain the architectural integrity of the area and prevent construction of projects that don’t fit within the character of the area. The question arises- What will those rules be and who will govern them? In addition what will costs be, who will pay the costs, who will determine what can be done? Should someone else be able to tell me what I can and can’t build. Will this cause delays, Etc. Recently these are all questions that will have to be considered. Will this improve, and or hurt property values? Many of these questions are currently being reviewed as this is considered. Currently there is an IOC in place while all of this is being reviewed.

Many families who live in the area are uninformed or currently realizing this could affect their home now or in the future. I hope you will add input to this blog and share what the community feels about the proposed idea of a HPOZ.

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Holmby Hills HPOZ

Holmby Hills HPOZ