Holmby Hills HPOZ meeting

A second Holmby Hills HPOZ  meeting for community residents was held on July 28, 2016 at St Aidans Episcopal Church in the evening to discuss the possible implementation of a HPOZ in the area. Members from the City of L.A,  
The L.A Conservency, Pro HPOZ speeches were given and many community members against HPOZ spoke for a large crowd who turned out to discuss details of a HPOZ. Those opposed to the HPOZ wore red and expressed how upset they were , expressing they had not been properly informed as a neighborhood about the proposed HPOZ. Over 500 petitions have been signed against the formation of a HPOZ. A meeting has been initiated by the Westwood Homeowners Association made up of members of UCLA, Residents in Westwood in General, conservency members etc to discuss the implementaion on the North side of Wilshire of a HPOZ. A speaker is scheduled to discuss the pro’s and a speaker will talk about the anti HPOZ movement on Aug 10th at 7 pm.