Downtown Los Angeles Lofts (more)

2121 Lofts 2121 E Seventh Place 400,000-900,000 townhomes
1010 Wilshire 227 units 1000 sq ft terraces ,roof pool.Sept07
717 9th 35 story,214 units, mid 2009
Barker Block ,297 unit, 7 structures
Barn Lofts 940 E. 2nd St.40 condos
Brockman Building,12 Story Grand and Seventh,80
City Front Place 530 E Washington. condos above a strip mall
City House and Olympic.2 buildings,60 story,49 story $700,000
Concerto Fig/9th348 unit 30 story tower,7story loftbldg+retail
E2 Lofts, 941 E. 2nd .23lofs+retail. $455,000-955,000
Eighth and Grand. Proposed 800 units
Figueroa Central.2 towers,700 lofts ,condos,townhouses
4th and Alameda. Lofts old Beacon Storage Bldg 1923′
Glass Tower.1050 S.Grand StCondo’s.25 story.128 hi end condo

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