Downsizing and Rightsizing in Los Angeles

Downsizing and rightsizing in Los Angeles.  What is rightsizing? I help clients see that now is the time to downsize and resize their lifestyle. I try to help them explore current lifestyle options.

My goal is to help my clients make their move as easy as possible so they can plan the next phase of their life. They have options that can make life less cluttered allowing them time and ease to do other things.  People accumulate so many possessions. It is hard to let go but once clients embrace change, I try to help them achieve it by selling their home, helping arrange to move their possessions, letting go of some possessions, and helping them find and reorganize their new home.

Downsizing and resizing can be an overwhelming task. Here are some of the many questions you can ask yourself once you embrace that you will move.

1. Eliminate anything that you no longer need, books you will not re-read, damaged and broken things, things that you haven’t used in 10 years.

2. Decide what is really Important

3.Do I have things from a lifestyle I no longer have or want- old profession, multiple containers, etc

4.Designate a few hours a day to go through clutter. Perhaps break it up into one hour sessions so you aren’t overwhelmed

Hopefully, these are just a few tips to get you started.